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Thread: Need help with Backtrack 3

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    Default Need help with Backtrack 3

    I have this computer - acer-aspire-5735-4624 - except I decided to put winxppro sp3 on it and everything is working tip top. Well i got this card Belkin N1 Wireless ExpressCard except it is the v2 and i was looking around for networking tools and found backtrack 3 out of curiosity in its potential i wanted to try backtrack out with the belkin card so i found the ath9k driver which will allow me to use the belkin card with backtrack the only problem is is that i am not familiar enough with backtrack to understand what this means:
    Enabling ath9k

    To enable ath9k, you must first enable mac80211:

    Networking --->
    Wireless --->
    <M> Improved wireless configuration API
    <M> Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)

    You can then enable ath9k in the kernel configuration under

    Device Drivers --->[*] Network device support --->
    Wireless LAN --->
    <M> Atheros 802.11n wireless cards support
    could someone plz break this down for me and explain how i can do this

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    yea if anyone can help this guy out it might help me out too

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