A fork from this project http://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?t=18369

Video : http://blip.tv/file/1573599/
Command: http://pastebin.com/f56bf91f1

Similar to karma.rc, but more direct, user is forcefully disconnected, connects to our access point, gets redirected and downloads our exploit and we grab wireless keys.

It's setup so thats it's mostly automated, victims will come and go, meterpreter script will dump keys into a key folder

Jobs to do if people want to help
(1) Fully automate the setting up of the access point --- fairly simple to do, check out the karma script

(2) This is where your suggestions and updates will be greatly appreciated, uploading wireless key viewer is quite lame, we want to dump the registry, grab hashes, maybe even upload permanent exploits. I've made a start with the harvester.rb file.... it's at the bottom of the pastebin link.
scripting is not my thing and I still consider myself a newbie --- 6hours of googling makes my eyes hurt
Hope this is a start for all!

(3) We need to investigate the -P command in airbase-ng, when using I find it very difficult to get a victim to connect, any suggestions on where to look?
and an improvement to our fake update page --- could change it to something else --- wireless gateway requires you to download a token to access the internet or something similar