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Thread: Cracking WPA/WPA2 From BT4 CD

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    Default Cracking WPA/WPA2 From BT4 CD

    Sorry if this has been a topic of the past but I can't seem to find were anyone has posted this. I did search first but could not find a result for which would appear to be such a common question.

    I download BT4 ISO and burned it to a CD/ROM I am using Back Track 4 beta from my CD/ROM Drive. Is there a method available to perform the dictionary attack while loading BT4 from my CD ROM?

    I can download the 33 Gig list and place it on one of my external hard drives. But this will be done in windows xp. I'm kinda looking at VMware but I'd rather if I could, save the Handshake data to disk from with inside of BT4 then reboot to XP and use a program to perform the passphrase attack.

    If not, Is it possible, while running BT4 from CD/ROM perform the dictionary attack? Or is there just no other way except to install VMware?

    P.S.> Once last question. Does the BackTrack 4 ISO CD have a dictionary on it already?

    If at all possible, I'd much rather simply peform the attack while the BT4 CD is in my CD/ROM drive.

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    I download BT4 ISO and burned it to a CD/ROM
    How did you managed this ? my version was about 1,3 gb.

    Just Download the list to your external drive, boot your BT4 and then just give aircrack your direction to the List ( =



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    Reeth, man, sorry it took so long to responds.
    I download BT4 ISO and burned it to a CD/ROM
    I meant to say DVD.

    give aircrack your direction to the List
    Is there a small List already on the BT4 DVD?

    And two last question while were on the subject.

    1.) Can I give BT4 a URL for a list and use it on a remote server? I thought I saw this posted somewere and was wondering if the dude actually set it up so people could remotly use the list?

    2.) Since I'm not lynux ready right out of the box.. what would be the commands to point aircrack to let say the wordlist on an external hard drive D:/wordlist/words.txt

    or what ever format the wordlist comes in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vynum View Post
    Since I'm not lynux ready right out of the box..
    Wordlists are simply line separated. As far as I know, there are not any "small lists" in the distribution. If you want a small list then open up emacs and make one.

    If you want to use an external hard drive them make sure it is mounted, it might not auto mount. If you don't know what any of this means then please take a step back and read any of the 1,000 "Linux for Beginners" guides.

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    @ Konsole

    mkdir /dev/sd*1 (<Sometimes Right Click > Mount fails)
    mount /dev/sd*1 /mnt/sd*1 ( * = the drive "letter" for it, you might see it as "250gb Removable Media, for a 250gb External HDD)

    Ill start learning about WPA now since im not too much into web-cracking, just to see if I may create/edit a tool for easier use, possibly own use only.

    My guess if the command is like

    crackwpa -e Wireless -dic /mnt/sd*1/Dictionary/WPA/wpa.dic

    -dic = Dictionary file location

    BTW : I dont crack WPA so, dont go saying "the command isnt like that" or "you are missing some options"

    Hope I helped a bit :P
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