Sometimes , when I start my bt2_f i cannot airodump, there simply is no channel hopping indicating the app is not working.

A tail -10 /var/log/syslog tells me: failed bringing up the device eth0
failed loading ipw2100 firmware......
this does not happen always...

But the biggest problem is:

After i have monitored and found an open ap ( when i am lucky and the thing mentioned above did not happen) , i get no Ip, even If trying


There is an ap in my near surrounding which sometimes asoociates me and sometimes not, and then a I try to use:

iwconfig eth0 ap kk:dd:ff:dd:ss:jj.

And the message is:

SET instruction failed, input-output error.

No matter which mode my card has.

Does anyone know, where my problem my be?

THX in advance!

P.S: My laptop has an intel centrino... can i completely forget about doing something funny?