Hay guys,

I'm trying to enable packet injection\monitor mode on my Intel 4965 A\G\N Laptop card, and I tried fallowing this guide airdump.net/packet-injection-wifi-intel-4965/,
Anyway the first thing I did was to download the latest kernel (, copy the original bt config from /usr/src/linux, making "menuconfig" and making sure all the necessary things are checked and building the kernel.
at the end I override the kernel in the /boot directory (Ho: I'm using the USB Stick version of backtrack)

All went well
but, when I boot up the OS, after "starting linux live scripts"
it tells me "finding data directory"
and then "wait a while"
and On that point, I guess "a while" means FOREVER, it hangs there (though he is responsive to ALT+CTRL+DEL).

Cuple of additional things I tried:
1. APPEND irqpoll to the kernel arguments
2. 1+APPEND "from=/dev/sdb1/" (SHULD IT BE "bt from.." ??)
3. 1+2+Trying the whole process again with kernel.

Still, the same problem.
Any tips ???