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Thread: EnGenius SUB-362EXT - Pen Capabilities

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    Default EnGenius SUB-362EXT - Pen Capabilities


    I have the EnGenius SUB-362EXT USB card that has the Atheros chipset and have discovered that the drivers for this chipset are from madwifi.

    However, madwifi does not support USB and therefore the only option to get this working is by using ndiswrapper.

    All I want to know is, is this worthless for penetration testing since it does not support monitor mode?

    What can you do with ndiswrapper?
    What can't you do with ndiswrapper?

    Or, what good can you do to test your network security without monitor mode? I mean, my router hides beacon broadcasts, so it is "invisible" from the start if I cannot use monitor mode.

    Does any operating system allow me to use this card in monitor mode?

    Thanks for any abuse

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    Does anyone know what Atheros family chipset this card uses?

    If it is AR5005UG or AR5005UX then it would work with OpenBSD uath driver.

    Does anyone know of a OpenBSD LiveCD that will contain this driver and also have some good software such as Kismet?

    Thank you

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