Hi all , before entering the subject i apologies for my poor english , any remark would be wellcome . I'm not a real linux noob as i'm using linux for 5 years now . I have not access to other forums so i am posting here .

Here's the problem , i have three OS intalled on my machine , XP , Ubuntu and Backtrack following this order . I installed Backtrack 3 without any problem and used it for a while .
Though , a problem appeared i don't know how , my screen resolution was not being detected anymore in Ubuntu nor BT and besides shows me an "Out Of Range" message .

After a little googling and search in this forums , i found the same problems about Out Of Range" message but no solution . I figured out it was my LCD screen that might be the cause . I worked around by manually setting up the xorg.conf and specifying the resolution and refresh rates . That's it , this fix worked .... but i still have a problem with BT .

I noticed that after booting BT the xorg.conf was initialised with the same config xconf gives . So i have to manually cp the xorg.conf.manual to xorg.conf every time i start BT( in text mode ) then startx .

Is there a fix or script or something like to tell X using a defined xorg.conf ?

Thanx in advance

EDIT: I figured out how to get over this by deleting the xconf from the autoexec parameter in the kernel boot options in my grub menu.lst file

basicily it's something like
kernel (hd1,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb1 autoxec=xconf, kdm