Wireless Assistant is in no way recommended.. But if your new to linux and you get frustrated and just want to see internet work. Try it..

This may be different depending on how you boot bt3 or by machine or wifi card i have no idea but if it works for you, let me know..

My Specs:
(Unsecured Network) No Wep

1. Boot BT3 and Open Wireless Assistant right away.
2. Select the Network you want to connect to.
3. Press Connect and select the DHCP option and hit enter or ok. After that close the Wireless Assistant right away.
4. You will see blinking bulbs in the right hand corner.. Wait a minute..
5. See if you can open up a website... you should be connected.

IF YOU close WA and re-open it... It will say no networks found.

IF YOU do not open WA right away when you boot.. It will say no networks found.

IF YOU leave WA running for too long after you connect it will disconnect or just not work.

IF YOU have to disconnect and reconnect for any reason you can try unpluging the USB wifi card and plugin it back in and start the process over.. (Works for me)

Let me know if this helps anybody or if this post is just plain retarted lol...