Hi all,

Yet another Lurker take the plunge, (hmm... must remember to return that )

Seriously, I've been lurking here for several months on and off. It seems a fairly friendly place, except for the Idiots Corner of course. I do enjoy reading some of the nonsense which goes on in there

I'm not sure that this is the right place but as security professionals it is in your field of expertise so I'm hoping you may be able to suggest something even if it is don't waste anymore time on this.

I've been looking a tool which will allow me to securely capture http traffic. The basic criteria are as follows:

* Secure logging of traffic.
* Restricted access.
* Automatic purging of expired data without human intervention.
* The ability to examine and/or extract specific data without seeing unrelated data.

For example, if xyz complains someone from here did whatever on or to their website. I could log into the 'system' and run a search for xyz.com at the specified date and time. This would give me a list of requests along with date, time and local ip. From there I could examine the request, the http headers and the server response etc. to see what actually went on.

I suspect that a database management system is the most suitable option for the 'backend' but actually capturing the data has me stumped. Apart from spam-vertised crap the only thing I've been able to find which performs a similar function is a http capture proxy called Paros which is a diagnostic tool and simply not suitable.

Before anyone starts screaming about unlawful interception please try actually reading the RIP act. No, on second thoughts don't do that. I don't wish to be responsible for anyone suffering brain damage as a result of my advice

Seriously, Please accept my assurance that it is not unlawful as I am the sole and undiluted owner of the hardware in question and pay for the internet access. I am aware of the privacy issues which is why the thing needs to be secure and have the ability to automatically purge expired entries without anyone ever having seen them.

I was also intending to contribute to cormega's thread on his honeynet project as well but that will have to wait I guess.