well it's from my experience

when you get like cable internet and the cable guy were to run it not to the box but to the poll you get faster connection and they don't filter it,

if you have time Warner Cable your default wire that come with your cable Modem for turbo is cat 3

if you have att dsl your dsl Modem comes with a cat 5. by default.
and we're talking about fiber optic
cat 6 is running on 500 MHz Data Only
Cat 5 is running on 400 MHz voice and data

i can tell you that i do see a difference cause i have it and and i did wanted to make my connection a lot faster and this was like a couple of years ago, and it still dose the job for me, i do a lot of torrent and mutimedia, i use to do a lot of gaming and my ping was less then 100 most of the time it was close to 15

your cat 6 is basically going to connect to your router, or your computer what however you configure it

you need proof and explanation

youtube dot com /watch?v=9GyIW4YudME
youtube dot com /watch?v=cpaYFWHfoSs

look I'm not the best at explaining things streaker69, i am more of a hands on guy. and kinda up front about it. i just learn as i go.