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I can think of several things that I do every single day that I know for a fact that Linux cannot do, as there is either no program that linux does it, or someone started it and like so many other projects that were done under linux, no one ever finished it.
The only thing that MSWindows had over Linux was the software I used for designing electronic circuit boards. However I have since discovered a Linux program called Eagle and I've been told it's better than the MSWindows program I used so I'm gonna give it a go.

When you first joined up here, you made it very clear how much you hated Microsoft, right off the bat. Well good for you, you found Linux, but that doesn't discount that Microsoft is here, and they're pretty much here to stay.
Oh I really doubt that. Vista is what pushed me over the edge. I was quite happy with XP, but I realised that I couldn't remain with that OS forever because it would eventually become outdated, so I figured I should switch to Linux sooner rather than later. Admittedly the switch hasn't paid off quite yet because I had such extensive knowledge of MSWindows, but I'm sure in a few months I'll be laughing.

They do not have a monopoly, they happen to have a large market share which under current laws they're allowed to have and there are alternatives that people can use. Hey, you're using Linux, Microsoft goons haven't shown up at your door and forced you to install one of their OS's.
Weren't Microsoft convicted in a court of law of having a monopoly?

I could say I'm sorry for being less than polite, but I feel it's just as impolite on your part to continually disparage a product that many of us depend upon, not only for our jobs, but for many things that make everyone lives better, since I happen to work in an industry that if we didn't have Windows, you'd be literally Shit outta luck.
Honestly, I thought we were all Linux people here. I didn't think there'd be a single person on this forum that would be offended if I berrated MSWindows.