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    Default Atheros AR928X


    I'm re-acquainting myself with linux - well, basically the last install I did worked out of the box, this one is proving more troublesome.

    I have an HP dv5 laptop with a built in Atheros AR928X card, actually under windows it's reported as a AR5009 but a google of the VEN and DEV codes returned the AR928X.

    Backtrack3 doesn't recognize the card at all, there seems to be no mention of it what so ever on the forums, and the information regarding this card and linux in general seems to be very sparse. Has anyone managed to get this card working, and if so, how? Which functions were supported?



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    Check the madwifi wiki. I'm pretty sure it isn't supported though. The newer kernels have support for AR9000 series if you want to upgrade the kernel.

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