Hi Everyone

I need some help regarding boot, and screen resolutions for asus eee 901.

First, I would like to mention that I am very familiar with many distributions of linux and unix. So feel free to talk techie stuff. Unfortunately, it's my first encounter with slax.

The questions are:
1. I entered the kernel added few features like ntfs rw support which doesn't appear by default. A point for the next release. I compiled with the following command:
make && make install && make modules_install.

I did that on the usb stick. The problem is that after reboot, all these changes have gone.

How do I save these changes on the usb stick?

2. One of the attempts was after compiling I used lilo -v (thinking that the bootloader is lilo and apparently in /boot there is lilo. After boot, I got an ugly screen with Linux written and couldn't select any of the normal option like kde, flux, etc.

I also checked if there is grub.conf. Couldn't find any. So which bootloader there is in backtrack?

Usually if there is grub there is no need to copy vmlinuz, etc. It is updated automatically. Or at least that's the way it goes with gentoo. for lilo it needs to be updated by the command lilo -v.

3. If I want to update a package, how I do it. delete the old one and install the new one? or there is an update command. I would appreciate your help.

4. Resolution for asus eee 901. I tried various windows managers, various vga options (1024x600 or 80x60). None of them worked. I got splitted screen and couldn't see the command that I type. I had to press few returns to see what was the exact command and the reply.

I will install in the end backtrack on the ssd. Meanwhile, I need to backup the windows that came with the laptop.

5. The wifi card is ralink 2860. It is capable of packet injection? Which driver I need for packet injection.

Thanks for everything