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Personally i would never use ProxyCommand, if you take a look at how it works youll notice that its just using netcat to get the job done, this can be usefull in some situations, but for the most part i wouldn't trust it, especially if your using keys etc etc.

As for tunneling via proxychains there are a few things to note.

#1 being that if your using a socks5 you dont need to resolve, as proxychains will do a remote resolve for you.

#2 being if i have a remote host running all i need to do is this "ssh -D 9000 me@whatever.com" .. then i change the proxychains.conf to "socks5 9000" .. and then i can do this "proxychains telnet google.com" .. or even ........ "proxychains ssh -w 0:0 me@nexthost.com" and all will work fine. "-w 0:0 is vpn fyi"

#3 being that if you make a new directory and copy the proxychains.conf to it whatever you change it to will override the /etc/proxychains.conf which is VERY useful if you intend to chain a bunch of things but dont want to write it into your config.

Hope that helped a little.
Thanks for the addon :P