Hello everyone.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make a compat-wireless drivers pack work in BT3 live CD version?

I've tried to compile it but without any success.
I've downloaded a pack from here: h_t_t_p://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2
but I can't compile it.
This post h_t_t_p://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?t=15547 discusses the problem and it says that the kernel has to be updated. How? Is it possible to do with live CD? I tried to follow some instructions on this forum, but once I unzip the new kernel I am getting "out of memory" errors. Is there a way around it?

I have a Softmac card (Netgear WG511 v3) and I need a driver for it. I believe that the only one available (that supports injection) is compat-wireless...

Thanks a lot.