Hy folks,

i created a LVM on my eeePC because of the Problem with the free space after install and decompression. The free space on my first HDD was ~350MB by 4GB. I created a LVM now with my 4GB and the 8GB. Makes round about 11.26GB. I copied all needed files to my new LVM and tried to build my new lilo.conf.
And here is the problem or maybe my understanding problem. The lvm is called "rootvg-rootvg" and is under "/dev/mapper/rootvg-rootvg".This should be my new "/" - /boot and everthing included.

So how must i change the lilo.conf that the i can boot from the lvm ?
boot=/dev/mapper/rootvg-rootvg ?
root=/dev/mapper/rootvg-rootvg ?
Currently i tested both and i was not able to bring BT3 up on my LVM.
Does it ever work that i can boot from a LVM which includes everthing ?
Or must i create a seperate /boot partition ?

The search does not work with three letters like "lvm"
Thanks for any tipps, tricks and help.

Greez BeNe