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Thread: Ralink RT2500 not detected

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    Default Ralink RT2500 not detected

    Hey guys,

    I've got BackTrack 3 running of a live USB on my MSI Wind U100. Being in Australia, my U100's wireless card is using Ralink 2500 drivers.

    After booting BT3 up and going to iwconfig, only 'lo' and 'eth0' are listed. After some fiddling in Ubuntu Intrepid (found a .deb package and installed it), I managed to get wireless working (and thus 'ra0' started appearing in iwconfig), however, I know that BT3 cannot read .deb packages.

    So essentially, the problem is that BT3 cannot detect my Ralink RT2500 WNIC.

    My questions are:
    - How would I go about making BT3 detecting and using my wireless card, and detecting it after a reboot (ie, keep configuration changes)?
    - Even if BT3 detected my RT2500, would it then be able to inject packets?

    Thanks very much for your time - any assistance you could kindly offer will be greatly appreciated.


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    Replace hxxp with http

    After installing the driver use this command to save changes
    dir2lzm /mnt/live/memory/changes rt2500.lzm

    This will create rt2500.lzm in your home direcrtory, then copy and paste this file in bt3/modules (in your USB HDD or USB stick)
    You should be able to inject whit this driver.

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