Hi everyone, i'm reasonably new to linux.. And currently trying to setup Back Track but i'm having some issues

I downloaded BT4 iso, checked it for no corruption then burnt it to a cd and went to boot
I select the mode and load it no problems

But when the code stops, and i'm prompted with "root@bt:" i'm not entirely sure what goes wrong
I type "login" and enter "root" and "toor"
But it comes back as invalid password

I've tried root root toor toor toor root, and every mode on the boot screen
I'm running from a live CD so i don't have the option of changing my password with the guide on these forums

Can anyone help me? Has the password changed?
Am i missing something?
I have a friend who used to use BT3 all the time, and he's completely at an end as to why it won't work.. He said posting here would be the best bet