Hey all
I was wondering if we all can try and crack wpa-tkip(to some degree). If people can try and find patterns that say a 12char password uses based on essid, we could move security of wireless onlong farther.
About 2 weeks ago i spent alot of time trying to crack wpa-tkip, i've writing below some code that i had some success, out of 4 it crack 3 with the output made place a pattern algo. I'm trying to start it again but as what i think its a onewayhash so unbreakable, but i'm not fully try to break it, just make it so it narrows down to about 10,000 posiables that it had with 3 of the 4(4 one, made the algo complete not work).
The algo from what the numbers made was say 12char password

all of the 12 char passwords had a lowering number around 22-27 the first three allways lowed by one. It was brocken up into 4 *3 as the pattern mutli
3,4,6,8,9,. The 10,15,12 was another pattern based on the first three numbers(post later).

In theory what would have happen is you would have about 5 chars for 4 places 5*5*5*5*5 + 5*5*5*5*5 +5*5*5*5*5 + 5*5*5*5*5 == possiable combernation 12500

The program