I have a couple of old routers I have been trying Hydra out on and I seem to be missing something..

B|T3 on eeepc 900
Router linksys wrt54gl (flashed with dd-wrt)

So I set up the router with;
login = ADMIN
password = ADMIN
No encryption, DHCP enabled.

Created a login.txt file with random logins including ADMIN.
Created a password.txt with random passwords including ADMIN.

Associate with router, dhcpcd, then start hydra with following command ;

hydra -L login.txt -P password.txt -V -e ns -f http-get /

So it runs through the attempts, however even after passing the correct logins and passwords,
it continues without advising what the correct login / password was before stopping shortly after.

Using the -o option writes used login/password combinations, but doesnt advise the correct login/password either.

Am I missing an option here to advise Hydra to tell me what the login/password is ?
(obviously I am..)

Any advice from anyone here ?

I seem to be getting very varied results.. if I move the correct login / password lower down
in the .txt file, the crack seems to stop immediately when found, so I can assume that the
last noted combo is correct, if I move the correct login/password up in the list
(so more combos needed) it says valid pair found, however it hasnt reached it yet..

? confused ?