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Thread: Can a Newbie get some help please :)

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    Question Can a Newbie get some help please :)

    Hi I'm trying to crack my PS3 wireless network which has a WPA/PSK. I'm using BT3 and loading it up throught CD ...I have a 3com 3CRPAG175, I've cracked my WEP connection no problem but WPA is a totally different beast. I've gotten a handshake but not sure how to use aircrack. I'm gone through the forum and seen that I need a dictionary to crack a WPA. So my question is how to I create one when using the BT3 CD. If anyone can help guide me in the right direction would be great but I'm not crossing my fingers.

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    Do a little search on the forum. Xploitz and Purehate have released some really great dictionaries. You should find howto's about dictionary creation as well.
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    You could also put the dictionary on a USB drive and use that, when using aircrack to point to dictionary simply use ;

    the above sdb1 being my external usb drive in this case.

    As for the dictionary itsself, there are a few good ones posted here on the forums and also a torrent site
    should be able to help you out as well.

    Some useful tidbits found from here on the forums
    (just browse the forums for a while, there is great help here)
    Most from =Tron= Thanks !

    Creating password list ;

    /pentest/password/crunch <from length> <to length> <charset> -t FIXED@@@@ &> wordlist.txt
    So usage would be ;
    /pentest/password/crunch 6 6 ABCDEF123456  -t ?@@@@@ &> wordlist.txt
    The above writing a text file with all possibilities (of 6 characters with the characters as specified) with a prefix of '?'

    Combining wordlists ;

    cat wordlist1.txt >> wordlist2.txt
    The above appends wordlist1 to wordlist2, if you do a single '>' you replace the contents
    of wordlist2 with contents of wordlist1.

    Create a wordlist out of text file (for instance a webpage text copied to notepad etc.) ;

    sed 'se[[:space:]]e\neg' -i wordlist.txt
    Above creates a txt file with all words listed under each other.

    To delete the empty spaces/lines from the wordlist that may have been created;
    sed '/^$/d' -i wordlist.txt
    To sort wordlist alphabetically and delete duplicates;
    cat wordlist.txt | sort | uniq > wordlistSorted.txt

    And search for wordlists, there's some good stuff here.

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    Can a newbie follow the forum rules please.

    Use descriptive thread titles.

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