Hello there, another newbie here.

I am not sure what's going on here, I did a `iwconfig`, I were able to see rausb0, my USB WiFi adaptor, I then also did a `iwlist rausb0 scanning`, no result.

I also attempted to put it into monitor mode by using airmon-ng, and attempt to do a airodump to see if it picks up anything, no result neither.

The same USB dongle worked on my Mac, where I were able to pick up the SSID's of my own 2 APs, and lots other SSID from AP in the surrounding area.

Do I need to load a kernel module or something? It seems BT have the driver for it already... the chipset is Ralink, and it is listed in `lsusb`.

I have a feeling that I have missed something obvious, as I am new to BT... it would be great if you can shred some light to this, thanks.