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Thread: WEP Cracking – pps packages sending problem (0 pps)

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    Default WEP Cracking – pps packages sending problem (0 pps)


    I have Minitar WZ-2154G, and i have problem with pps packages. When enter;

    Airreplay-ng -3 –b [MAC of AP] –h [MAC of client] [wlan device]

    pps paskages are not send;

    Read 4795 packets (got 83 ARP requests and 0 ACKs), sent 0 packets .(0 pps)

    When open file capture-01.cap, under Encryption is no IVs packages ?
    WEP (0 IVs) ?

    Is problem in this, that device isn't making this possible for me? Or what?

    This is a problem, why Aircrack-ng soden't know how to Decrypted WEP Key!?

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    Maybe you are too far away , try beeing closer to the router...
    Have you fake Auth with success before you replay the packages?

    Try with SpoonWep made by mighty SV, if it works, you are typing something wrong in the command line.

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    Here is rescue;

    ZyDAS 1211

    Driver : zd1211rw
    Chipset : ZyDAS Chipset

    Notice 1 (properly for BT2): For basic functionality, you need to get the firmware from [here], untar it to /usr/lib/firmware/ - reinsert the card and the firmware should load OK. Addendum: I had to unzip to /lib/firmware/zd1211, but after that it worked fine.

    Notice 2 (for BT3): Test with 1211b / Lutec USB Stick:

    Works out of the box in monitoring mode, runs as eth1. Injection is possible without any driver or kernel modding, but ONLY with SpoonWEPs POS801 attack (didn´t find the according aireplay mode, airreplay standalone DID NOT work!). Besides, for me WEP cracking did only work like this - but then without any problems:

    a.) "airodump-ng eth1", get bssid, close it

    b.) start SpoonWEP. It´s only used for starting the correct airreplay mode.

    c.) Select 2nd Attack Option (POS801..), this is the ONLY attack-mode which will work with 1211b!

    d.) Close SpoonWEP`s WS-Dump window, keep SpoonWEP`s Mainwindow = aireplay thread running

    e.) start airodump-ng again, dump data traffic now

    f.) start aircrack-ng manually

    g.) you are done!

    Conclusion: not perfect, but cheap USB-Dongle WEP-Cracking out of the box - without any patching - if u know what to do.

    -> NOOB-Compatibility Award*

    Still, Realtek-USB-Chipset more recommended if u can find it, can run SpoonWEP without any hacks.

    But, I don't have 1211b Chipset, only 1211!

    What can i make? Or let buy new device with RealTek 8187 chipset ?

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    trying puttin -x 30 at the end of the command.

    -x specifies the packets per second if im not mistaken. then find try different numbers to see what an optimal speed for ur wireless card would be.

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