So i've procured a great new laptop, HP Pavilio dv5 1183cl. All the things you think you'd need. BT3 loads in under a minute from my HD install, got the RTL gigabit NIC working and compiz too. yay. except one minor problem - the wireless card is too new.

Searched the forums, found relevant posts and followed instructions from the pages google returned. ilwifi drivers are apparently in the kernel starting from 2.6.24, and you can download them for our kernel. Except they dont compile a module for the 5x series, only the prior 4x and 3x. damnit.

Has anyone gotten this to work? If so, could they post a guide or semi-comprehensive set of instructions (links to relevant downloads would be great)? Thank you

EDIT - i've got a kernel related thread above, someone wanna nuke this?