I was just under the impression that

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..meant, in English, what it said.

So, Someone had suggested that this *was* in fact a competition type of disagreement, but i brushed it off as i thought that since the distro's were totally FREE OF CHARGE that there shouldn't be "competition" in a free and open source society. Thanks for clearing that up as I have NOT received ANY private messages for any parrots or other moderators at all.

Free and Open Source Software will be the foundation of my heart forever, no matter what a forum moderator may think; everyone has a chance. My contribution to those in the Computer Security interest being denied by said single parrot moderator does not have to stop anyone from going to my site and using the software for free. And I hope that this does not discourage people from contributing there work in the future to more open minded forums/communities.

The "Apples to Microsoft" analogy would have been suitable, ONLY if we were selling our products. In my mind Apple and Microsoft would only benefit by joining each other. And you, hating Windows so much, i figured would have given windows part 2 (OSX) a better chance and liked it more.

So with that said in the "MORAL" part of "ADVERTISING" we can all agree that Apple bashes Microsoft more than anything.

Once again, thanks for the shitty public reply. I haven't received any private messages from you. Here's proof:

11-19-2008 Video Disk
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11-04-2008 Re: assistant 0.9.6
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You won't have to worry about me "SPAMMING" you with FREE things anymore. My contributions hold no value, of course, so i shall leave and won't come back.

but cactus might.