Ive booted BT3 via USB on my vista machine with the intention of learning to use its many networking possibilities. To be honest, the whole process is a work in progress for myself but every little step helps me out. I am able to connect to unsecured networks but for anything that requires WPA (thus the WPA Supplicant) i cannot connect. When the Supplicant loads I am asked to select what I assume are different drivers. I have an Atheros AR5007 802.11 b/g WiFi Adapter and from my understanding the madwifi driver works for what I need and with that wireless chip-set. When I select the madwifi driver the WPA Supplicant fails to start because of an error. The same error occurs when I choose any of the other driver choices. I am a relative newb to linux distros but am anxious to learn. Given that BT3 is running off of a USB do I need to put anything on my hard drive to make certain things work and thus save? WHat is the next step? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated