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Thread: Am i doing this right?

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    Default Am i doing this right?

    i open up monitor mode
    CH 9 Elapsed: 28 mins
    BSSID                   PW  RXQ  Beacons  #Data, #/s CH MB ENC Cip auth
    00:0f:b3:39:87:73       20  96    8000+       0       0    9  54. WEP WEP 
    BSSID                       STATION         PWR RATE LOST PACKETS PROBES
    00:0f:b3:39:87:73         (leaving blank)   21  0- 1   0     383
    I have a fake authentication Request attack going and it does about 200 or so failed (none that sent back a deauth)

    But it says that the attack was unsuccessful..

    Im also saving arp request but it got 0 arp request and over 300 acks

    just want to know if im doing this right

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    Do you have MAC filtering enabled on the AP? How far away are you from it when you execute the fake-authentication attack? Also there is no point in moving on to replaying packets until you are successfully authenticated as the AP otherwise will reject all your injected packets.
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