Hi all, I'm working on installing Compiz on BT3. However, I am having many, many issues. Right now I am trying to compile the Nvidia drivers on my system and according to some folks at the Nvidia forums and an Nvidia employee, the installer for the drivers will not work on a fat32 filesystem which is what filesystem I have BT3 installed to now. I have tried many times to simply copy BT3 to an ext3 and ext2 drive to no avail. So now the only thing I can think of is to do a full hard drive install onto an ext3 drive, install my drivers and then dir2lzm everything back up and go back to a live filesystem. My question: is that possible? Or what are the potential problems with this? Or anything I'm not thinking of? I'd hate to spend all the time doing this just to find out there's a fundamental reason it won't work and I was doomed from the get go. Thanks for any help.