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Thread: Play .flv on Backtrack 3??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slimmay View Post
    Any default version of KDE has 'ffmpeg' already installed.
    Not true. Having KDE doesn't mean ffmpeg is installed. A full vanilla install of Slackware, for instance, doesn't have ffmpeg. It is an addon through the repository.

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    Default Playing Flv files on BT3

    Well if you install the flv player/codec on the backtrack live CD which you can't, the next time you reboot your system it will not be there on the next boot up. Similar to DeepFreeze for Windows, any changes or files added will be removed. But if you want to save it, the installation file, just save it under the systems Icon>storage device. Or install BT3 as an Operating System I have it on my Laptop and it works great. F#@K Windows....Get Linux!!!

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