I am having an issue with both a BackTrack 3 live-cd and live-usb (would that be the correct term?). I have two laptops that I've tried to boot off of, only being able to boot correctly off of one.

The Laptop that does boot is a Compaq Presario V6000, BackTrack has no problems with it. My Compaq Presario F700 on the other hand will boot off of the two listed medias, but will not run off of any of the listed boot settings (i.e. KDE, VESA KDE, etc.). It will start to load the specified boot settings, but will instantly black out the screen. After manually powering down the computer the screen will fill with some boot information, but it doesn't list any errors. It then shuts down.

I am wondering if anyone might know of some custom boot params. that I might use to be able to use BackTrack on this computer (maybe help me get to a shell). I have used google and have spent many hours looking for a solution before posting, but anything that I come across with the same description is some completely different problem.

I hope that I am not bothering anyone with such a trivial circumstance (as seen by some people).

I Thank You for your help and patience in advance,
Doc Haven.