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Thread: hawking HWU8DD questions

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    Question hawking HWU8DD questions

    I have a Hawking HWU8DD rev. B that i've used for a while. I have recently been trying to crack my WPA network but having some trouble. The wiki says that BT3 supports the rev.B adapters.

    The problem i've been having is when i deauth a client i can't capture a handshake. So i've been wondering if the injection is working right. The adapter shows up with a zydas chipset in BT3, but then i remembered in windows it shows up with as an atheros card. I'm just unsure of whether or not i need to update the zydas driver, and why it shows up with 2 different chipsets.

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    ok i have 2 of these dishes. in BT3 beta the drivers needed installing and patched for injection, but BT3 final, not only is the drivers present, it injects right out of the box.

    to my knowledge, atheros has aquired the new chipset, so atheros i know is used in windows, but the ZD1211 driver for Zydas is used for linux.

    in aireplay, if you try the "test injection" option, (-9) inplace of -0 to find out if injection is working.
    i have trouble sometimes capturing the handshake, but other times i get 1 straight away.

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