I've just made .lzm module for OpenVAS (stable) for Backtrack3 with latest OpenVAS plugin feed:

You can download remastered ISO also:

After you download, boot bt3 and enter following:

openvas-setup (this will setup openvas and run openvas-mkcert and add user)
openvas-nvt-sync (if you have internet connection, download latest plugins)
openvasd -D (run OpenVAS server)
OpenVAS-Client (run OpenVAS Client)

And that's it. Feel free to report OpenVAS bugs or NASL contributions back to OpenVAS at their webpage.

You can also download 2.0beta1 version here (it's beta - don't expect that everything works, but you can report bugs):

(I cannot put direct links, need 15 posts to do that, sorry for that)

I also have few questions regarding bt3 itself.

When building lzm, How to integrate lzm module/executables to show up in Backtrack menu in window/desktop managers?

I wanted to write how-to on OpenVAS usage on wiki, I registered, but I'm not allowed to edit/create (or I'm not seeing it). Also, I'm not able to add this module to the modules list on wiki. What's the process with that?

Thanks in advance!