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Thread: Need help with data recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie708 View Post
    There is no mechanical errors, it is entirely software issue. The problem is that the partition location is in the wrong position. I don't need to undelete the partition, I need to edit the location where the location of the parition is. In the picture I posted above, the data is located in the front of the drive, while the partition is located after the data. It is like partition start was changed to where the end was, as the original drive was 74.53GB. I can't explain how it happened, I unmounted everything, and always performed clean shutdowns.
    That's exactly what the program I suggested will attempt to do for you.
    Did you try it out?

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    Another option as its NTFS is using a windows tool called GETDATABACK

    It comes in 2 varients FAT and NTFS.

    I have found them very useful as they see and backup the raw data you want to.

    Very useful and may well be a cheap alternative as a liscence is only 20 odd bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Re@lity View Post
    It may be that only the partition record is messed up, but the actual data is still present.

    I would highly recommend BootMaster Plus:

    You can use this as a demo version, to verify for free whether or not it can successfully rebuild your mbr, etc, then only purchase a license if it is going to be of use to you. A great idea, imho.

    I have used this program to reconstruct mbr's quite a few times, saving a lot of hassle and lost data!

    Failing that, a decent file recovery program that will recover *raw* data would be worth a try.
    But I would look at the mbr first.

    Good luck.
    I am home right now, and don't have the drive with me. I will give it a shot later, and post results. Thanks for the tips!
    ThinkPad T400

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