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Thread: Wifi Issues

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    I recently install bt4 final on my ibm thinkpad t43, but cannot get my wireless card to work. I've found a couple posts regarding wifi, however i've been unsuccessful in setting it up.

    My network does no have encryption and i do not need a static ip. I have been using command line after i startx to "start" networking and then i checked ifconfig wlan0 and i see my card listed there, but there are no IPs or hostnames or anything

    Is there something i am missing, or is there a GUI based utility?


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    Read this - its a sticky thread in the HowTo forum that talks about how to get networking running in BackTrack. Im surprised that you hadnt already seen it. Among other things it mentions a GUI utility for wireless configuration.
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    Hi lupin,

    I actually started with that thread, however i did not read the replies to see that you must use the command line to start the wcid GUI.

    thanks for your help, as you can see i am online with BT4!

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