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Thread: Usb startx wont load

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    Default Usb startx wont load

    I sucsessfully instaled backtrack 3 to my 8 gig usb drive.
    =) I had to do it on xp... vista would work..

    BUTTTT when i come to the part when it starts up... i get as far as the thing saying "may the sause be with you" when it starts up. Right after it says "invitng good carma to your processer"

    WHen it gets to that point it screan and goes to the boot comand menu.. from there i log in as root,toor and do startx but it just brings me to the menu again...

    sory for the noobieness...

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    We will be able to help you better if you could give us some more information. What option do you choose before the actual loader with the text?

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    What hardware are you running this on?
    ThinkPad T400

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