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Thread: Clarification needed on ettercap command line usage

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    Default Clarification needed on ettercap command line usage


    Consider the following two ways of running an instance of ettercap to arpspoof.

    ettercap -Tqo -i wlan0 -M arp:remote -P repoison_arp /G1/ G2/
    ettercap -Tq -i wlan0 -M arp:remote -P repoison_arp /G1/ G2/
    In resources across google you find (1.) quite a bit. But I want to know if that is indeed a correct command line even though it does not return an error.

    With (1.) there IS NO visual feedback that the repoison_arp plugin has started. I think the specification of the option "o" blocks it from starting?

    With (2.) There IS visual feedback that the repoison_arp plugin has started.

    My question is in the case of (1.) is it that the repoison_arp plugin simply starts silently and there is no feedback or is it the case that the use of it with the "o" option, invalidates it.


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    Default Re: Clarification needed on ettercap command line usage

    So you can ignore "-Tq" that's Text Only GUI and quiet mode. (For this discussion)

    -M - Tells it to do a MITM attack.
    -o - Tell it to only to the MITM attack and not sniff.
    -P - Allows you to specify a plugin.

    I'm guessing that by telling ettercap to do only a MITM attack (-o -M) the repoison_arp plugin is never run.

    ettercap --help:
    ettercap NG-0.7.3 copyright 2001-2004 ALoR & NaGA

    Usage: ettercap [OPTIONS] [TARGET1] [TARGET2]

    TARGET is in the format MAC/IPs/PORTs (see the man for further detail)

    Sniffing and Attack options:
    -M, --mitm <METHOD:ARGS> perform a mitm attack
    -o, --only-mitm don't sniff, only perform the mitm attack
    -B, --bridge <IFACE> use bridged sniff (needs 2 ifaces)
    -p, --nopromisc do not put the iface in promisc mode
    -u, --unoffensive do not forward packets
    -r, --read <file> read data from pcapfile <file>
    -f, --pcapfilter <string> set the pcap filter <string>
    -R, --reversed use reversed TARGET matching
    -t, --proto <proto> sniff only this proto (default is all)

    User Interface Type:
    -T, --text use text only GUI
    -q, --quiet do not display packet contents
    -s, --script <CMD> issue these commands to the GUI
    -C, --curses use curses GUI
    -G, --gtk use GTK+ GUI
    -D, --daemon daemonize ettercap (no GUI)

    Logging options:
    -w, --write <file> write sniffed data to pcapfile <file>
    -L, --log <logfile> log all the traffic to this <logfile>
    -l, --log-info <logfile> log only passive infos to this <logfile>
    -m, --log-msg <logfile> log all the messages to this <logfile>
    -c, --compress use gzip compression on log files

    Visualization options:
    -d, --dns resolves ip addresses into hostnames
    -V, --visual <format> set the visualization format
    -e, --regex <regex> visualize only packets matching this regex
    -E, --ext-headers print extended header for every pck
    -Q, --superquiet do not display user and password

    General options:
    -i, --iface <iface> use this network interface
    -I, --iflist show all the network interfaces
    -n, --netmask <netmask> force this <netmask> on iface
    -P, --plugin <plugin> launch this <plugin>
    -F, --filter <file> load the filter <file> (content filter)
    -z, --silent do not perform the initial ARP scan
    -j, --load-hosts <file> load the hosts list from <file>
    -k, --save-hosts <file> save the hosts list to <file>
    -W, --wep-key <wkey> use this wep key to decrypt wifi packets
    -a, --config <config> use the alterative config file <config>

    Standard options:
    -U, --update updates the databases from ettercap website
    -v, --version prints the version and exit
    -h, --help this help screen
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