After I sorted out the wpa_supplicant thing I could only connect once to my AP then "wireless Assistant" would change some settings for my card so, I couldn't reconnect without running wpa_supplicant again.

What I did..... On "wireless assistant" GUI right click (under ESSID for the network) > edit settings > advanced tab > Pre-Connection Command (I put wpa_supplicant -w iwlan0 -B -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf) Yours will most likely be different.

Works everytime so far. Point and click....I'm connected. Another advantage I've found is that when I disconnect it resets the card back to default settings.

If your having problems with wireless assistant run wlassistant from the command line and you can see what going on behind the scenes.

Also from the command line... man (whatever application your having trouble with) gives all the details. (probem app) -h or --help usually give the short version.

hxxp://xxx.google.com/coop/cse?cx=008555419114399228646%3Avpdhc1qej9k is good for searching the Back Track forums too.

Most of the info. is already there if ya just keep at it and keep looking.

And Thank You to everyone for helping (too many to list).......... Just when I think I'm stuck.........right there is just what I needed.

Just though I'd pass this along in case it can help someone else.

Next thing is to get my alpha card working with WPA. Saw some info. about it but, figured I'd better start slow with the internal card. It's the intel/ProWireless thing that uses the iwl3945 driver.