I'm following Xploitz tutorial video to the T:


I've tried two of his other tutorials as well with the same results. I get very slow packets. I let it run for just under an hour and only had 2500-ish packets of data. My PPS stayed at pretty much zero, although I would see it jump up to 7ish from time to time. For hardware I'm using an acer aspire one netbook. The wireless card is an atheros chipset.

I started going through tutorials on aircrack's site to try and single out the problem, and I've found that I can't even run an injection test. Maybe I'm trying to do it wrong, but here's what I do:

airmon-ng stop ath0
airmon-ng start wifi0

that's how I'm supposed to start my card in monitor mode, right? I follow that up with these commands to try and test packet injection:

airoplay-ng -9 ath0

and I get this in reply:

Trying to broadcast probe requests...
No Answer...
Found 0 APs

And yet I know that there are several APs around here. What's the deal? Is this linked to why I have such slow PPS when I follow the tutorial video?