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Thread: Only get a few hours out of it...

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    Default Only get a few hours out of it...

    I can only run Backtrack 3 Final on my laptop for a few hours until it freezes. What happens is firstly it freezes for a few seconds, and then it comes free again. About ten seconds later, it will freeze again. These freezes become more frequent and for longer duration each time. Within a minute, the system becomes unusable and I'm holding in the power button for 10 seconds.

    I can leave Windows XP on overnight so it's not an inherent problem in the laptop.

    What's the best way of going about troubleshooting this? I was thinking of looking at what processes are consuming what resources, see which one of them is hogging the CPU, but I only have experience doing this in Windows. How would I do this in Linux, perhaps by using "top -c" or "ps -aux".

    Any ideas?

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    top should do the trick!
    This is a hackers forum :P
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    BT3 includes a nice application that displays the top processes and some other cpu related information called conky
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