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Thread: Penetration TEST

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    Quote Originally Posted by marked View Post
    ... if you do need help then don't ask...
    I always thought that's a major element of a forum (As long it's not illegal)
    Be sensitive in choosing where you ask your question. You are likely to be ignored, or written off as a loser, if you:

    * post your question to a forum where it's off topic
    * post a very elementary question to a forum where advanced technical questions are expected, or vice-versa
    * cross-post to too many different newsgroups
    * post a personal e-mail to somebody who is neither an acquaintance of yours nor personally responsible for solving your problem

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    Maybe could have been worded better. But as you said, as long as its not illegal.

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    The sad truth about the matter is that anyone with any sense at all would not ask how to do illegal hacks on a public forum that I'm certain many members of various alphabet soup agencies read every morning with their coffee.

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    IP address of culprit already logged............
    Don't eat yellow snow :rolleyes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by markomk View Post
    hi i just wanna ask about penetration tests,its work only for LAN?
    for ex.
    i have 2 computers they are connected from router
    1 comp has IP
    2 comp has IP

    when i try penetration test msfconsole from 1 comp to 2 comp my kaspersky show me that i'm attack from 1 comp. but when i try penetration test to my friend which is from other city i think its not working :S
    I speak idiot. Fluently.
    I am attempting to perform the autopwn feature of the latest metasploit framework. I refer to it as penetration testing because the default dbname is pentest. I have two test machines. Both under my ownership. Due to my extensive resources and pervasively wonderful way with words my second machine is in my house in my summer home in the hamptons. During my scan from point 1 to 2, my hips flags my activity. On 2 to 1 it does not. They are homogenous builds and both running old service packs (so that the 0wnage would be nice for testing hash passing with incognito through meterpreter).

    They are coming through a vpn tunnel to each other (openvpn) with split tunneling disabled. Can any one guess if my problem is my point of egress in machine 1 or 2....

    Now my reply, in native idiot tongue....


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