I'm trying to follow hxxp://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?t=7348. It say to unistall xorg. I run pkgtool and all I can find is x11-skel-7.1-noarch-6 or xfree86 packages or xorg-server.

I have no idea of the difference between xorg and x11, they are the same aren't they? Sorry to sound like a dumb-ass, I can use Linux and cli but no idea about X. I would like to this working to use the 965GM.

Running BT3 with kernel I have no idea what X11 i'm running it's all off the disc defaults. xorg-server1.30. I have try slapt-get to install the new xorg-server and new intel driver but cant get KDE to load after trying xorgconfig or xconf.

My questions are what do I need to remove in order to install 7.2? Also X11R6 isn't in my paths anway so need to add X11R7 when I get it installed, does this mean the current X11R6 isn't setup correctly?

Thank you.