I have a question regarding adding drivers to the Backtrack 3 LiveCD: Is it possible to do so from Windows? (Not having linux installed)
I already have the linus drivers for my Atheros AR9281 (ath9k)
I've found this but this guy is doing it from Ubuntu:

Secondly he also says this: "OK so I've researched into this and I think the way to change the rt73 driver which is on the BT3 live CD as of now is by modifying the "module" (.lzm file) which the driver is contained on!"
I've found it to be "lib.lzm"

~This might be a Slackware question but nonetheless may I ask how did he find that? I searched google for ever with keywords like "install drivers on slakware". If you have some other Slakware based program, how can you find where the drivers are kept?

I apologize for my first thread being sort of poor but I tried to reply to the thread in the link I posted and I got a message saying I "do not have permission to access this page." Please ignore my second paragraph if you find it not being related to Backtrack.

Thank you