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Thread: WUSB54G driver install HELP!

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    Default WUSB54G driver install HELP!

    Hello, I am totally new to linux, but pretty computer literate, so if someone could help me out I would appreciate it, thanks.

    I have installed backtrack 3 on vmware workstation. I would like to install a linksys WUSB54G v2 wireless card on my gateway FX laptop because that linksys device supports packet injection. Backtrack doesnt automatically recognize the device so I need to install the driver, I have done some research and found I needed to install the driver RT61 and RT2500 chipset from this one website that I cant list because I have to submit atleast 15 posts to post a URL! See thats how new I am!!

    However I have no idea how to install them from inside backtrack, so if someone knows please let me know.

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    1) do lsusb on the device and check the numerical output of that device matches with the driver that you require.

    2) You will need kernel.lzm (kernel sources) along with serialmonkey's driver. RT2500 is really old and may not be very well supported so you may run in a few problems. You will need to read how to compile drivers on linux.

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