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Thread: Trim or Edit a CAP file

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    Default Trim or Edit a CAP file

    I've created a cap file using airodump that has a WPA handshake for my network, but the problem is I was lazy and captured every other local wireless point to me. While this is not a big deal for airocrack (BSSID selection) it is a big deal for some other WPA cracking software out there. I need to trim my CAP file to include only my wireless BSSID's handshake.

    Anything out there that will do this? I've googled and such but "trim" probably isn't the best descriptor and "extract" is too generic a term.

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    There may be an easier way to do it, but you could strip out the four frames using wireshark and then put them back together with mergecap.
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    Set up a display filter in Wireshark so that only the frames you are interested are being displayed. Then you can do a File->SaveAs and choose to only save the displayed frames in a new file.

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