Hi guys!

Meanwhile I changed from Backtrack 3 final to Backtrack 2, since I was not able to activate my 5007EG under Backtrack3. The wlancard was detected from the beginning and I could set monitor mode as well, but I just couldnt activate the card (no wireless networks were found). Then I was told that "acer_acpi" would activate my card. But I always received an error at "modprobe wmi-acer" (sorry, cant remember the error anymore). But after googleing a while, I found out that I'm not able to install acer_acpi, because i use "acpi=off noapic" to boot backtrack3. Without that boot code, backtrack3 wouldnt boot at all. So I decided to get backtrack2, install madwifi + acer_acpi and it should be fine. But I'm not able to install the madwifi driver, cause I dont have an athX device. Iwconfig shows "eth0" and "lo" only.
Please help me. I'm really getting frustrative meanwhile.