i want install the BT3-USB Version on an HDD with Windows by using the NT-Bootloader of Windows XP. (but no real-BT3 installation, only the small live-install)

BT3 is running fine on an SD or USB-Stick installation with "changes"

But I donīt want everytime use the Stick or SD-Card(plug in plug out ). I want integratet the System in the HDD.

c: win 98 (FAT32)
d: win XP (FAT32)
e: BT3-usb folders (FAT32)
f: data-Files(share-folder for all Systems)
g: ext2 (for changes Folder, then BT3 ist running on HDD

I want the live install on HDD, not the real install with 4,2GB!!!

I have copied the Folderīs from the USB Stick on e: (BT3 an boot)

And now i want configure the NT-Bootloader from Win XP, so that i can boot the BT3.

dd if=/dev/hda6 of=/tmp/bootsek.lin bs=512 count=1 and integration in the boot.ini doesnīt run. (i think this is only usefull for an real install)

Have anybody an Idea?