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Thread: Portage in Backtrack3

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    Default Portage in Backtrack3

    Yes, you read correctly.

    So I had some time to kill and decided to make a portage module for BT3.
    This module works, but there are some issues to be aware of, and some quick setup to be done

    1) The portage distfiles directory will become corrupt if you edit anything in it and don't shutdown BT3 properly, causing you to need to format the entire flash stick should you want to resolve the issue.
    2) Nothing you compile will be saved if you don't manually dir2lzm your changes.
    3) I haven't yet gone through Gentoo's default package list and what is actually installed on BT3, so you may need to "reinstall" somethings that portage thinks are already there.
    4) For obvious reasons, world or system probably shouldn't be updated, but I haven't actually tested this yet

    1) You will need to make a "portage" directory in the base of your flash stick and make the appropriate symlink to it from /usr/portage (by default, it is pointing to /mnt/sda1/portage/)
    2) dump portage-latest into this directory outside of BT3

    Potential issues
    1) I've packaged this module in such a way that root's .bashrc adds the portage user and group to /etc/passwd and /etc/group

    I think that's about it.
    Grab the module here:

    and drop it in BT3/modules/

    emerge your way to happiness!

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    Very cool Valect. I love portage.

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    sweet I love portage thanks

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    My lord Valect, i am love, you are the man!

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