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Thread: Please add support for gnome

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    Default Please add support for gnome

    support for gnome would be great.

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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    Probably not going to happen anytime soon. This has been tried and was more trouble and broke more things that it was worth.
    That is why I moved your post.
    Also please use better thread titles in the future.

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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    While I agree it would be nice, AA's point stands... it's a pain and it breaks alot. There were some previous guides on getting it to work but I think they went down when remote-exploit forums went down.

    Given the nature of BT4, I doubt it'd be worth the time to try and implement. Being focused on professional pen testing, it's not really a priority to make it an everyday distro... more of a (excuse the American in me) "git r done" distro. Simple and powerful, but lacking customization. For example... the only account by default is "root"... for a while BT4 Beta was like that, BT4 pre-final briefly had you add another user when you used the ubiquity installer, and BT4 final removed that making root the only default option again. This practice would be a big no-no on a distro like ubuntu.... but since almost everything you do in BT4 needs root level privilages it would have been very unnecessary having to constantly type "sudo" before every single command.

    TLDR; This isn't your every day distro. But if you're feeling ambitious try and find one of the older guides of getting Gnome on BT4 Beta... atleast I think it was on the beta.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    to further add to snowman and archangel's posts, backtrack was never intended to be a desktop distro, as far as i can tell from how they built the system over the years. and as such, should only be used as a livecd distro. just imagine how insecure this would be if it actually was intended for home and office use!

    the installer was (as far as i can tell) only included as a 'convenience' for the professionals who actually have laptops dedicated to pentesting and can't be bothered to bring a disc with them everywhere they go.

    if you want a desktop os that you can still crack wep with (i am _not_ condoning illegal activities here), my suggestion is to get yourself a shiny copy of the ubuntu 9.10 iso, install it, and then run apt-get install aircrack-ng. although some tools will break a gnome install, you could still take at least some from the backtrack iso.
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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    We like KDE and that's really about it. We may add support for other desktops WAY in the future but currently we will be staying with KDE. Is there any reason you think Gnome is better than KDE? i.e. What can it do for security and pentesting that KDE cannot?
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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    i think KDE is better.... we just thanked to what being preserved....

    sorry for my bad english...

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    Default Re: Please add support for gnome

    I'm sure you would have searched the forum you would have found the answer: (Pay attention to this one.)

    I think this has been covered.

    Thread closed. OP if you want to add anything else, pm me and I will reopen the thread.
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