This week we have been talking about linux in my networking class. The class is made up of 12 computers with 2 people per a group. 4 of the computers run Windows XP SP1, 4 more run Windows Server 2003 and the rest run Linux. But this Week is "Linux" week and the professor passed out BackTrack2 CDs to everyone. He said BT3 is not comtabable with the towers due to video problems but BT2 works fine.

We hookup 2 hubs to a central Linksys router (defult settings) using DHCP (Dhcpcd). So far all we've done is answer questions about Wireshark, played with SSH, FTP and TFTP and mess with VI and web servers (Under services)

Today we are going to talk about DoS attacks. Im not really sure what the teacher has in mind....but I was wondering: Does BT2 have anything on it that can can flood the network, I know you could use Ethercap to do "Man in the Middle" attack and revert traffic to some null MAC/IP which would freeze the network. Or is there any other way to cause a DoS using a BT2 CD? I bet there is but I have had no luck in finding it. Thats why im posting.